For Coffee aficionados, coffee is more than a beverage, a memory, an anticipation of moments of modest pleasure woven into our lives.One should argue that the allure of coffee is rooted in its amalgam of elements that provide the flavors and aromas, at the same time. At Coffea we bring to you what we state - unique amalgamation of flavors and aromas that creates magic and a momentous anticipation that remains with us.Presenting to you Coffea - for the love of Coffee; nothing else. Our pursuit for the one true cup drives us everyday, consistent flavour and all-around memorable cup of coffee. Perfectly Roasted, balanced flavors, performs exceptionally well through various brewing techniques and whole-heartedly served. Our range of perfected shade-grown coffee blends are favorites for everyone. Precision roasting and stringent quality control ensure that we deliver a consistent and reliable flavor and experience to you and your custome. So the sole verdict is - come. Visit. Taste.

Mission :

Our mission is to enhance people’s tastebuds by serving delicious coffee brewed out of worlds’ best freshly roasted seedsat most affordable cost.

Vision :

To spread coffee tastebuds across the globe and across all segments.

Our Values :

Keeping coffee and customers at the core. We do not only believe but live with the following values :

  • Creating a culture where everyone is welcome and treated as a Coffea family.
  • Serving best in class coffee with high quality ingredients.
  • We make the best quality coffee yet most affordable across the globe.
  • Treating our customers, partners, and coffee with the utmost respect and dignity.
  • We tend to focus on making our community grow everyday while our brand grows.